Our Pastor

Our Pastor
Pastor Juan Fuentes was born in El Salvador and gave his life to Jesus when he was 17 years old in an Assemblies of God congregation in El Salvador. At 20 years of age, he received the call from God to become a Pastor. Pastor Juan was trained and graduated from the Bethel Bible Institute of the Assemblies of God (Instituto Bíblico Betel de las Asambleas de Dios) in El Salvador. For the glory and honour of the Lord, he faithfully continues in the work God has ordained him to do until it pleases the Lord.

He’s been happily married to his beautiful wife Elsa Marina since 1981. Sister Elsa has been an effective partner in his pastoral ministry. She has been and is an active contributor, serving the Lord with her husband in various capacities. She has also been and is an amazing mentor to many ladies in all the congregations where Pastor Juan has ministered. Fruit of their marriage is their two sons (Josué and Eliu) and two beautiful grandchildren (Mia and Mateo) from their oldest son.

Vision of his ministry: John 10:10
“From the beginning of my conversion to the gospel, I discovered through this verse that the plan of God for each human being is that they enjoy the abundant life for which they were created. Each time, it became clear in my heart and my spirit that it is not the will of God for human beings to live a life of disgrace and defeat. But this verse began to show me more and more that the abundant life that God has for each human being can only be found through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Each time, it was clearer in my heart and mind that when a person receives Jesus as their only Lord and saviour and they’re born again, they begin to live the abundant life God has for them. In the measure that person deepens their relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and studying the Word of God, the purpose of God and the abundant life in Jesus begin to manifest. The result is a victorious life in each area of their lives!”

Pastor Juan loves God and His Holy Word. Prayer and fasting have been part of his life style and have contributed positively and effectively to his ministry. He loves to teach and equip the people who God has committed to his care through the Word of God that has the power to bring conviction and transform lives. The desire of his heart, as a Pastor, is to see believers who live in victory knowing their true identity in Christ and who serve God effectively with all the gifts God gives.

In his time outside of serving/ministering in the church, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends, watching documentaries that enrich his knowledge about God’s creation and reading books about prayer.

Pastoral ministry

He has been active in the Pastoral ministry since God called him and has been serving God faithfully in the following congregations:

  • El Salvador – Assemblies of God (Asambleas de Dios)
  • La Loma, Morazán
  • Bolívar, La Unión 
  • Dulce Nombre Maria, Chalatenango 
  • Ocicala, Morazán 
  • Colonia Santa Maria – San Miguel, San Miguel 
  • Canada – Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
  • Lily of the Valleys (Lirio de los Valles) – Toronto (1997 to present)

Additional ministries

God has given Pastor Juan the opportunity and privilege to contribute to His work in various capacities in addition to his ministry as a Pastor.

  • District Executive – San Miguel, El Salvador (Assemblies of God) – 1984 to 1990 
  • Theology faculty – San Miguel, El Salvador (Bethel Bible Institute of the Assemblies of God) – 1985 to 1989 
  • Bible teacher [Subjects: General Epistles/Minor prophets] Toronto, Canada (Bible Institute El Verbo: Broadview church) – 1993 

Ministerial fruits
God has blessed Pastor Juan’s ministry and has given him the opportunity to sow seeds that have given fruit for the work of the Lord. For the Glory of the Lord, God has added five pastors who continue to persevere in the ministry pastoring their congregations.

His ministry has been one that has been focused on serving God first and then others. God has used him greatly to demonstrate love and compassion for souls and for all the members of the congregations where he had the privilege to serve and minister. God uses him to meet spiritual needs through the teaching of the Word of God and also in practical ways being guided by the Holy Spirit and the wisdom of God.